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What's Brand Experiences all about?

Today’s digital world has marketers fighting to break through the noise and sales teams are struggling to bring some excitement and energy into their customer meetings.  Many marketers today still rely on old status quo tactics that yield little to no ROI (and they probably aren’t tracking ROI either) because they are doing what their company has always done.  Their marketing is stuck in a rut.


Here’s something to think about: would you rather go to a concert and experience the sounds, smells and connection to the entertainer, or would you rather just see a text or a video about the concert from your friends?  Your customers answer that question the same way most people do: they want to experience the concert themselves; not live it through someone else and forget about it tomorrow or even earlier.


It has never been more important for brands to provide consumers with engaging, emotionally stimulating experiences to build their brand -- and science proves that experiential marketing holds the ticket to achieving this goal.


In his book, Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World, award-winning experiential marketing expert Steve Randazzo uses his 30 years of experience to explain why and how -- today more than ever -- companies need to educate, engage, and inspire their target audiences through experiential marketing.  Your customers are open to being educated if you do it in a fun and memorable way and you are not acting like a snake oil salesperson.    When you show up at the right time, in the right place, and when your prospect is open to being engaged by a brand, great things can and do happen.  If done correctly, your audience won’t even know they are being marketed to. 


Steve Randazzo has included stories on big brands and small ones, which is customary for the experiential marketing industry.  Many of the examples included are of the recognizable brands he has partnered with over the years and some are great examples that he has researched and shared.  The book is an easy read as it is written in an authentic Midwestern voice and is packed with lots of ideas and takeaways. 


So if you find yourself in one or more of these situations:

  1. You are finding it difficult to stand out in a cluttered marketplace

  2. You have a product or service that needs awareness

  3. You have a product or service that is difficult to initially understand or see its value

  4. Your brand is stuck in the proverbial marketing rut


Brand Experiences is the perfect book for you. 



"If you think your current marketing plan is loaded with status quo strategy, read this book to discover how to break out and start driving tangible results!  Results that benefit your customers and your business. I can tell you from experience - it’s powerful and it works!"

Dave Martin

Senior Vice President – Sales

Hussmann Corporation

"Most marketing practitioners know that experiential marketing works.  Steve Randazzo knows why it works.  If you want to understand the psychology that drives successful brand engagement start by reading Brand Experiences."

John Heiman

Director, Experiential Marketing


"Brand Experiences is educational and actionable. It opens the doors to opportunities that have been hiding in your marketing blind spot.  This book can double your companies marketing results in your key markets. The results will directly hit your bottom line.Take all the time necessary to digest its rich content and then implement your new brand strategy."

Stan Herman, MBA, ChBC

Business and Retirement Certified Coach

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Steve Randazzo

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Steve’s love for building experiences started back in 1985 when he was a marketing assistant at the KC Royals baseball club activating first-ball ceremonies.  Steve’s love for helping brands engage with their customers via live experiences took off 10 years later when he started Pro Motion Experiential Marketing.


Pro Motion helps B2B and B2C brands and Agency partners cut through the clutter and drive real tangible results through memorable experiences.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Steve has lead his agency’s relationships with big-name clients, including, The Walt Disney Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Hewlett-Packard, Utz Snacks, Duck Tape, Anheuser-Busch, Fiskars, Citgo, NBA, Tractor Supply Company, and many top notch agency partners. 


Steve is recognized as keynote speaker, has over 65 published articles in national publications, been a guest on tons of national podcasts, and is known as a thought leader in the experiential marketing industry. He has been awarded such accolades as Top 100 People You Should Know in St. Louis and one of Fortune Small Business’ Best Bosses. If your brand needs attention and you are looking to cut through the clutter and build a memorable experience to help grow your brand, Steve is your guy.

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