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Introduction & Chapter 1


Introduction & Chapter 3

Curious about how experiential marketing can help grow your brand?

Steve Randazzo's new book dives into how experiential marketing can help your B2B or B2C business grow, and turn a customer into a fanatic while getting your brand noticed in our digitally cluttered world.  For over 30 years, Steve has solely focused on this industry that many say is the fastest growing marketing strategy because it gets real tangible results that will grow your brand.  Steve believes, and he has research to prove it, there is no better way or faster way to build an emotional connection with your target audience.


If you are a B2C brand:

Does your brand want to truly engage consumers? It doesn't matter if your product or service is something that only a niche group would be interested in or something every person in the world could benefit from, experiential marketing has a way of getting a deep emotional connection with your ideal consumer base.


Check out your free copy of Chapter 1: Make A Splash and learn how to ensure your audience is paying attention by bringing your brand to life and create an ah-a moment they will always remember and will share with their friends and family.  93% of consumers feel more of a connection to brands after an experience.

If you are a B2B brand:

Your goals are to keep your current customers and gain new ones. You could pack your suitcase, attend that conference, and hope that decision makers show up so you have 3 minutes to talk to them before they move over to your competitor’s booth, or you can build a strategy to go directly to them and completely control the buyer’s journey and your competition is nowhere to be seen.


Check out your free copy of Chapter 3: Provide a Professional Field Trip, which focuses on bringing your products or services directly to your customers and prospects which can cut your sales cycle in half and double your pipeline.

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